Hanne, Febe, Chloé, Elke and Arlind

Hanne, Febe, Chloé, Elke and Arlind


I am the oldest in the Zwanger in Brussel-club! I graduated 22 years ago as a midwife and I worked in different hospitals in Flanders.

Since 2005 I work as an independent midwife and in 2008 I raised Zwanger in Brussel together with Katlijn. After 8 years of ups and downs as an independent midwife I am still thrilled to welcome newborn babies in Brussels!

After all those years Zwanger in Brussel has become a house where more than only midwives are working and I'm so proud of this!

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I have always known that I was going to be a midwife. The whole process of pregnancy, birth and parenthood fascinates me. During the last year of my studies I did an internship in Rwanda during 3 months. This experience confronted me with both beautiful and difficult moments in life. It made me grow as a midwife and I use this to guide you through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

After I graduated I was so lucky to start at Zwanger in Brussel. Together with my colleagues I want to support you during this unique period.

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I was very young when I looked at the midwives at the maternity ward with wondering eyes and a slight jealousy, because they could enter the rooms with newborn babies. Since then I started to cherish a dream that I crazy enough forgot when I graduated from college. After one year of studying Agogische Wetenschappen the pieces fell together when I chose to become a midwife. During my last year I did an internship in Sweden where I got a taste of the life as an independent midwife. This is what I wanted to do in the future. After one year of working as a nurse with refugees I'm very proud to call myself finally a midwife!

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As long as I can remember, I'm intrigued by everything about pregnancy, birth and babies. During the last year of my midwifery studies, I did an internship in an independent midwifery practice in Ghent. From the first day on, I knew I wanted to become an independent midwife. The personal guidance, intense contact and the feeling of really supporting families through the most beautiful moment in their lives made me truly happy. When I graduated I was able to directly start at Zwanger in Brussel, and I’m proud to call myself an independent midwife - it's like a dream coming true.
I’m looking forward to support you through this beautiful process.

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During my last year of bachelor degree as a cameraman, I had the opportunity to make a documentary on a career of choice. I chose to film the world of midwifery. For two weeks I followed a midwife in Mechelen, both in the hospital and at home. I immediately knew that I wanted to do this job! After working on a number of films for a year, I began the four-year studies to become a midwife.

After a long and interesting internship at midwifery practice "Geboren in Ghent", it became clear that I wanted to work as a midwife in primary care.

With my colleagues, I want to contribute to respect the wishes of families and physiology, increasing confidence in their own skills, in an environment where they feel secure.

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