De broedvrouw - psychological support

 An-Sofie Van Parys 

An-Sofie Van Parys 

Pregnancy is a pretty emotional time in life with a lot of beautiful and happy moments, but also some difficult times. It can be a tough challenge to cope with these emotions as a woman, but equally as a couple. At Pregnant in Brussels, An-Sofie Van Parys is our colleague who supports you in this process. She is a midwife as well as a sexologist and is currently undertaking a psychotherapist degree. Her consultations are part of the perinatal care package we provide.

Women and couples can contact An-Sofie for both general or specific questions such as depression, anxieties, traumatic deliveries in the past, relationship problems, … This can be during or after pregnancy.


You can find more information on An-Sofie's website: Broedvrouw

Practical information

You can contact An-Sofie directly on 0475/75 62 28. Another option is using the form underneath to book an appointment.