After a homebirth

It is evident that after a homebirth, we don’t just abandon you. During the first five days, we come to see you and the baby every day. Sometimes a daily visit for a full week can be necessary. After that, we see you around day 10, day 14 and around 6 weeks to conclude. Not only do we follow-up on the new mum and baby from a medical point of view, we also make sure that parents are able to settle in well with their newborn and we are available for questions and concerns.

After a birth in the hospital

Whether you give birth with us in St. Jan or in another hospital, you can always count on us. Even after a short stay at the hospital, we are available for postnatal care at home, and offer the same service as after a homebirth.

Breastfeeding support – consultation with a lactation consultant (IBCLC)

With a first baby, good support is often needed to have a good and comfortable lactation period. At our home visits, breastfeeding support is included in the total care package. Usually a few tips and tricks can solve breastfeeding problems, but sometimes more intensive or specific support can be necessary. Elke van den Bergh is our IBCLC Lactation Consultant and can offer you this help.