A midwife is the most suitable health professional to follow up low-risk pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. There is scientific evidence that a more personal follow-up leads to a better pregnancy and parenting experience. We aim to quickly schedule new appointments, minimise waiting times and we also take time to listen, answer questions and prepare you on what’s coming next.


The first consultation takes about an hour. First, we create your medical file and ask you a great deal of questions. Then we also explain how our practice works and what kind of activities and options we offer.  Furthermore, we undertake a medical examination, including a blood test if necessary. There will be time for your questions or concerns as well.

All following consultations of your pregnancy take about 30 mins and consist of a chat, a medical follow-up and time for questions.

Preparing for labour and birth

We advise all couples expecting their first child, to participate in our parentcraft sessions around 30 weeks of pregnancy. During these information sessions, you will meet the team of midwives, as well as other couples. Given information will be based on the latest scientific research with a focus on normality and fysiology. Combined with good group dynamics and specific questions, these 4 evenings will certainly be interesting and they will prepare you for your baby in the best possible way.

If you wish, there is also a possibility to have these information sessions on an individual basis. For non-Dutch speakers, this is provisionally the only option at Pregnant in Brussels.

The 4 evenings take place from 20.00 to 22.00 every Tuesday of the month and include following topics:

  • Labour and delivery
  • Anatomy, ways of coping with contractions, different positions in labour, massage and breathing techniques
  • Breastfeeding
  • At home with a newborn baby, what to expect?


Price: €125 for 4 sessions, party refunded by the mutuality. It is only possible to subscribe for the full course of that month.

In order to have a small group and therefor an intimate atmosphere, we restrict the number of subscriptions to 5 couples. 

Please subscribe via following form in order to provide us with the correct information at once. Don’t wait too long as the sessions are filled up quickly! 

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Please give 2 options if possible! If one of the months is fully booked, we might be able to inscribe you in the other one.