I was pregnant with my second child when we decided to move from Ireland to Brussels. I wanted a homebirth so one of the criteria when house-hunting was a suitable birthing place; thus we plumbed for the house with a beautiful, large, south-facing bedroom.

With the venue sorted I set about finding a midwife! The first port of call on my search was an excellent Pregnancy in Belgium evening.

On the due date, a Friday, I felt stirrings but nevertheless walked down the hill to get some groceries, feeling very, very heavy. The niggling feelings continued all day and then through Saturday I had frequent, small contractions. I convinced myself the baby was coming; that this was second-time-around labour - a doddle! That evening I rang Zwanger in Brussel and Elke answered. She told me to have a lavender bath and go to bed. So much for the baby coming!

She arrived a short time later on that bright, sunny morning, and the contractions ceased. 

After a bit of a clean up the midwives advised a few stitches, but as with all their care, they were very gentle. 

Months later I bumped into Elke and I cried tears of joy on remembering that beautiful, sunny day, the day my Tarla arrived. Birthing him - gently and at home - is the proudest moment of my life.