Jon, my husband woke at 1 am on Thursday 2nd March. I wasn't sleeping either, he turned to me and said that he dreamed that the baby's name should be Damian. To our surprise the baby kicked! We took it as a sign: the name was decided and I went back to sleep feeling more relaxed.

At around 3 am I woke up to very light contractions. I lay in bed and I thought they felt regular, so I decided to download a contraction counter on my phone. I have heard and read many stories of mother's having false labour or contractions for days. My first was an induction at 41 weeks, I was at just over 39 weeks so I was not sure that this was labour. My contractions were  regular and around 8 minutes apart but not very intense. I got out of bed, walked around and folded some washing. A little after 4 am I decided to lie down with my son. I thought it might be one of the last times he could have me all to himself.

After an hour of sleep I got up because the contractions were too intense to sleep. I went to have a bath. Jon got up at 6am to get ready to go to work. I still wasn't sure if I was in actual labour, but I told him the contractions were too intense and I didn't want to be alone. After a while the contractions were less than 5 min apart and too intense to talk through. At 7:10 I called the midwives. Arlind answered and told me she would send a colleague because they had already delivered two babies that night. I was still in good enough humour to joke that she had a busy night. After I hung up the contractions kept getting stronger and stronger and closer together. I was walking around the apartment and the contractions felt like big waves crashing over me. I told Jon to get the cherry pillow and warm it up. I then went to the toilet. I started getting an urge to push and thought I should rather move to the bed while I still could. I went on all fours on the bed. During contractions I told Jon to put the warm cherry pillow on my lower back and press hard. At the time it didn't feel like he was pressing very hard, but he said that he was doing it as hard as he could. At one point I remember telling Jon that I might be in transitions because I couldn't do it anymore. I started getting an urge to push and just went with it, I also made low grunting noises with each push. 

At last the midwife, Marloes, arrived. She told me that my baby will come soon. I thought that soon is not soon enough! It felt like I had no control of my body, but when she gave me instructions, such as to lift each knee to take my pants off, move back on my hands or not to push so hard, somehow my body listened. Jon kept pressing on the cherry pillow on my back. At one point my four year old son woke up, probably from the noises I was making, I heard him call from the other room "Mommy what are you doing?", Jon went to him and told him the baby is coming and asked him to wait. I remember the ring of fire, but not what it felt. The baby's head moved in and out a few times, and I felt disappointed because I just wanted it to be over. After the head was out, the body was easy. I looked down and saw the little round baby. Marloes helped me settle into bed with him. I think at that point the second midwife, Febe arrived. I still had a feeling of irritation, I was scared of pushing out the placenta, but it came out fine. After that I finally felt relief and was relaxed enough to bond with baby. Damian was born at 8:23am, only 20 minutes after the midwife arrived!