Mia Catherina

I guess the story of our homebirth starts with the birth of our first daughter in the hospital, where I didn't have a great experience. We wanted to have a natural birth and I ended up being pushed on my belly, getting an episiotomy and our daughter got pulled out with a ventouse, all that without having an epidural! 

At the moment of the birth I would just follow the doctor's orders, but afterwards, once I could see what had happened, I realised that from the moment the gynaecologist came in the room, it all went wrong.

With our second daughter we wanted then a different birth! That's how we decided to go for a homebirth, the best decision ever.

It was an amazing and sometimes overwhelming experience, but truly worth it, nothing beats sleeping in your own bed and eating homemade food after the birth. Plus I also think that Mia felt at home from the beginning and had a nicer welcome to the world than our first daughter in the hospital. Mia is very calm, peaceful and beautiful, so far she eats and sleeps, even now after eight weeks. 

The 17th November'17 I woke up in the morning having mild contractions and a bit of blood loss. At 13:00 I had an appointment scheduled with Febe, so we went and things were slowly moving. She told us to go back home and to call them once the contractions were closer together and stronger. When I got back home, contractions started being more regular  and stronger.

Around 16:45 the first midwife, Febe, came home, by that time contractions were 3-4 minutes apart and 30-40 seconds long. I kept moving and breathing to get through them and it was actually not too bad. My cervix was already 5cm dilated when she checked.

Around 18:20 I had a bath, my dear husband had put lots of candles and filled the bathtub for me, it was nice and relaxing. Febe stayed with me all the time, since my husband was busy entertaining our three year old daughter. I broke water in the bath, so I got out and soon after that I started having the feel to push. The second midwife, Elke, arrived soon after that around 19:15. 

Contractions were getting more painful and I almost had to bend on my knees on each one, like something was pulling me down. I was standing in front of my husband who would hold me with every contraction. At the beginning I kept breathing slowly through the contraction, but luckily Febe told me to decrease the breathing and help pushing. At 19:40, they asked me to lay in the sofa to check me and I was 10 cm dilated. 

Around 20:10 I sat on my knees in our sofa to give the final push, always holding onto my husband. I didn't want to lay down - that's how I was during the birth of our first daughter and she would not come out - so I thought I had to stay vertical. I did doubt at some point about being actually able of getting Mia out, but I somehow managed to do it. I felt the head engaging and it started to burn, I hadn't felt that before, with my first daughter they did an episiotomy, and it was really burning, but shortly after that with one or two more pushes, our daughter was born! At 20:28 she came to this world! :)

It was almost surreal, she was born in our sofa! I looked behind me and I remember thinking: wow, she is beautiful!

I also remember that at some point Febe said that the umbilical cord was around the baby, she told me to stop pushing and Elke came to check it too, and it was ok, it wasn't tight, so I could keep pushing.

I highly recommend the birth at home, even though I had moments where I thought I was crazy for choosing to suffer all that pain and even thought that I would never have kids again... but the actual painful moment was only an hour or so... and once it is over, it is such a satisfaction and almost a pride to have done it at home! Once you see the baby's face, you forget all of it! I would do it all over again! :)